Qtum Price

Qtum was formed by Quantum Foundation based in Singapore. Quantum Foundation plans to combine the Bitcoin procedure with Ethereum technology. This open source project combines the EVM or Ethereum Virtual Machine with the Unspent Transaction Output model of Bitcoin and intends to deliver smart contracts to industries worldwide.

QTum History

The Qtum project is a remarkable decentralized app (Dapp) undertaking that blends the Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Bitcoin client 0.13, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine to allow smart contract services. This project has also accepted $1 million fund from investors including Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, BitFund founder Xiaolai Li, Fenbushi partner Bo Shen, and many more. The goal of Qtum is to run a value transmission protocol Dapp platform with the greatest features of both projects.

The Qtum group has created two Dapp projects including Qloha and SpringEmail. Both services use cryptocurrency solutions that improve messaging apps and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP). The Qtum team is in the midst of making mobile and desktop wallets for its users.

After thorough testing, the developers of Qtum plan to reveal its testnet app dubbed “Sparknet”. This will be the introduction to the official platform takeoff. Qtum also has revealed that the team will be looking for code evaluations from independent organizations and individuals willing to tryout the project.

QTum Technology Roadmap

  • Build trusted decentralized applications – Designed with modularity interoperability, and stability in mind, Qtum is the leading toolkit for creating trusted decentralized applications, appropriate for real-world, business focused use cases.
  • Smart Contracts for Real Business – Qtum makes it much easier for recognized sectors and institutions to meld with blockchain technology.
  • Account Abstraction Layer – Qtum expands Bitcoins ‘Script’ language in order for it to work as a vehicle to transfer code to Qtum’s type of the EVM.


Market Cap of Qtum as of September 21, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 21, 2017


Circulating Supply of Qtum as of September 21, 2017

59,000,000 QTUM

Total Supply of Qtum

100,000,000 QTUM

Members of Qtum

  • Patrick Dai
  • Neil Mahi
  • Jordan Earls
  • Yunqi “Caspal” Ouyang
  • Baiqiang Dong
  • Xiaolong “Stephen” Xu
  • Weiyu Qi
  • Jun “Codeface” Chen
  • Huaming He
  • Wenbin Zhong
  • Alex Dulub
  • Alexei
  • Anzhy
  • Alexandra
  • David Jaenson
  • John Scianna
  • Stella Kung
  • Brett Fincaryk

Backers of Qtum

  • WEIXING CHEN – Founder of KuaiDi
  • ROGER VER – First Major Investor in Bitcoin Startups
  • XU STAR – CEO at OKCoin
  • BO SHEN – Advocate/Advisor at FenBuShi Capital
  • DAVID LEE KUO CHUEN – Founder, Left Coast, Libai and Dlee Capital Management
  • JEHAN CHU – Managing Partner of Jen Advisors
  • JEREMY GARDNER – Cofounder of AugurEIR at Blockchain Capital
  • LIHUA YI – Partner at ZhongWo Investment
  • MATTHEW ROSZAK – Cofounder of Bloq and Founding Partner of Tally Capital
  • ANTHONY DI IORIO – Founder of Ethereum CEO at JAXX Wallet