Bitconnect Price

BitConnect Coin is an open-source, community-driven, peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency. Using the currency, any person can stock and invest their fortune in a non-government restarined currency.

One of the notable things regarding BitConnect Coin is that you in fact earn interest when keeping BitConnect Coins in your wallet. The interest is provided to users in return for helping maintain the security of the network.

BitConnect Coin Features

  • Decentralized – BitConnect Coin utilizes decentralized blockchain business technology. Transactions are done straight between users on a peer-to-peer manner, alike to other blockchain technologies today.
  • Valuable – From the instant you obtain BCC, it turns to an interest-earning asset.
  • Fast Transactions – BitConnect allows you to receive and send payment wherever in the world fast. Users appreciate speedy block execution time with unmatched speeds to traditional remittance and payment schemes.
  • Blockchain Security –BitConnect network is protected against any attacks. The POW/POS system delivers the seamless way to secure and protect the BitConnect Coin.

BitConnect Coin Mining

BitConnect Coin utilizes a unique mining scheme known as POW/POS or proof of work/proof of stake. This unique algorithm assists to protect the BitConnect Coin network. To begin mining the token, you will first have to link a BitConnect Coin wallet. Download the blockchain, then get started.

Buying BitConnect Coins

You can get BitConnect Coins online by visiting the official website. You can also buy them via Novaexchange, Livecoin, CoinExchange, and BCC Exchange.

BitConnect Team

One of the bizarre things regarding BitConnect Coin is that there is little information regarding the company accessible online. BitConnect doesn’t disclose its address and the only contact method available is the company email, which is

The official website has images of a group of people under a BitConect Coin banner, while no additional information is existing about the company and its team.

BitConnect Coin is popular in Asia and has particular websites available for South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Market Cap of BitConnect as of September 21, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 21, 2017


Circulating Supply of BitConnect as of September 21, 2017

6,746,384 BCC

Total Supply of BitConnect as of September 21, 2017

7,777,316 BCC

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