Waves Price

Waves is a blockchain platform which aims to be a decentralized place for trading by tokenization and crowd funding. Waves enables you to create custom tokens, which you can take off your own cryptocurrencies. Anyone can also decentralize crowd funding and trading, as it will come along with incorporated fiat currency gateways such as USD/CBY/EUR/ right in your wallet.

You can dispatch ICOs to fund projects from wherever in just a matter of minutes, minus the effort of going through thorough cryptocurrency coding. This makes life easier for beginners and opens up a new age of community-backed projects. Waves has real world value on numerous exchanges.

Waves Cryptocurrency Features

  • WavesDex –This is a decentralized exchange, created on the Waves blockchain. WavesDex permits users to swap their ETC, BTC, etc. in exchange for Waves and other assets supplied on the Waves platform.
  • Tokenization – You can create your own cryptocurrencies or tokens in just a minute. You will need at least one Waves token to complete the process. You can choose the term to name the cryptocurrencies, the quantity to be issued, and the number decimal fractions you need to keep. This is recommended for ICOs and crowd funding.
  • Smart Contracts – Smart contracts in Waves aren’t as complex as in Ethereum. Smart contracts in Waves Non-Turing complete, but secure and powerful.
  • Fiat Gateways – Fiat Gateways including USD/EUR/CNY will let you to swap any token from other cryptocurrency such as BTC and ETH or any token supplied on the Waves platform for actual money.
  • KYC/AML – This is required to withdraw and deposit fiat money. However, KYC isn’t needed for cryptocurrency transactions. 


Market Cap of Waves as of September 22, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 22, 2017


Circulating Supply of Waves as of September 22, 2017

100,000,000 WAVES

Waves Management Team

  • Sasha Ivanov is the CEO and Founder of Waves. A physicist by educations Sasha has been involved in the software development of payment systems. With blockchain technology, Sasha launched the initial instant cryptocurrency exchange service coinomat.com.
  • Martin Spodymek is the Head Community Manager of Waves. Martin serves Waves for tech support as well as marketing. An engineer in profession, Martin is charmed by blockchain technology and cryptography.
  • Alexey Kiselev is the Back End Developer of Waves. Alexey is an avid programmer who initiated programming 8-bit processors. Alexey finished his study from Moscow State Technical University.
  • Sergey Ishchenko is the Front End Developer of Waves. He is a software engineer who concentrates in Java with more than ten years of experience. Sergey primary accountability on the Waves project is the Distributed Team Coordination and Lite Client development.