ZCash Price

ZCash is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency. ZCash is carrying blockchain technology pioneering cryptography since zero-knowledge proofs allow the validation of fully encrypted trades as valid. Z cash permits users to take advantage from utilization of public blockchain but still keep and protect their private information.

Benefits of Zcash

There are some benefits that are related with cryptocurrency, the main benefits are as mentioned below:

  • Security – When military grade currency is used it assures security and safety in transactions. The main reason is because nobody else but the individual who owns a wallet can transact payments or transfers using it.
  • Fast and Easy Payment – ZCash allows easy and fast payment transaction. No document or credit card is required, the address of the person or business that the currency is being transferred to will suffice. Moreover, the handling of the payment transfer is quick as it only takes a few seconds, which is important in a fast-paced life.
  • Fraud – Cryptocurrency cannot be forged or reversed like the instance with credit cards since cryptocurrency is a digital product. This assists in curbing the threat of fraud that a lot of people fall a victim to.
  • No/Low Fees – Banks and payment processing companies usually charge fees to process fund payment and transfer, but these can be removed with cryptocurrencies. The network is accountable for paying the miners.
  • Mutual Exposure – The utilization of cryptocurrency in trades has the advantage of mutual exposure. Both parties will benefit from an agreement when they enroll with a vendor.
  • Immediate Settlement – Cryptocurrency excludes third party approvals, particularly in acquiring real property.
  • Customer Anonymity – Debit, credit, and ATM cards are usually connected to name, home address, and other unique personal data. No transaction with cryptocurrency covers any kind of personal data.
  • International Use – Credit cards and bank accounts can be a challenge for international dealings, but this isn’t the situation with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency isn’t bound to the rules of any government, interest and exchange rates, and country-to-country transaction fees.
  • Gaining Reputation – Cryptocurrency is improving good reputation and sense of legality, with both customers and vendors.

Market Cap of ZCash as of September 22, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 22, 2017


Circulating Supply of ZCash as of September 22, 2017

2,235,331 ZEC

ZCash Management Team

    • Zooko Wilcox
    • Eli Ben-Sasson
    • Christina Garman
    • Alessandro Chiesa
    • Matthew Green
    • Eran Tromer
    • Ian Miers
    • Madars Virza
    • Nathan Wilcox
    • Daira Hopwood
    • Sean Bowe
    • Jack Grigg
    • Ariel Gabizon
    • Simon Liu
    • Paige Peterson
    • Jay Graber
  • COO
    • Jack Gavigan