EOS Price

EOS is a blockchain, decentralized operating system, intended to support business scale decentralized apps by offering all of the necessary core functionalities, enabling companies to build blockchain apps in a way alike to online based applications.

EOS’s parallel processing and asynchronous communication deliver scalability, while its ownership model excludes transaction fees. EOS utilizes delegated-proof-of-stake and presents the capability to fix bugs and rollback deviations with supermajority consensus.

EOS Key Features

  • Blockchain, smart contracting, currency
  • Includes improvements such as on-chain governance. For EOS this is the confirmed constitution that serves to create a framework for dispute settlement, and serves as an arbitration framework.
  • Parallel Processing delivers application authors and smart contract to have their programming logic work apart from the system in general.
  • Decentralized Operating System or DOS enables application authors to utilze a consistent code framework in order to produce their smart contracts and applications. This results to less room for simple bugs and less lines of code.

Other EOS Key Features

  • Maximum of 5% annual increase, which is utilized to fund network operation and development.
  • Tokens include automatic emission which is utilized to fund applications working on EOS. This is easy and beneficial to the developers since they will no longer need to spend tokens for gas, it excludes gas totally.
  • Asynchronous communication enables parallel processing and it also means that applications can request other blockchains and wait for results.
  • Can be upgraded since the operating system does not require a hard-fork to update code. EOS allows developers to create systems which can be improved in the future.

Market Cap of EOS as of September 22, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 22, 2017


Circulating Supply of EOS as of September 22, 2017

360,244,316 EOS

Total Supply of EOS as of September 22, 2017

1,000,000,000 EOS

EOS Management Team

  • Brendan Blumer is the CEO of EOS. Brendan has been with the blockchain industry since 2014. He has created businesses such as 1Group in India, okay.com in Hong Kong, and trading of virtual currencies in MMORPGs in the US.
  • Daniel Larimer is the CTO of EOS. Daniel is focusing on ground-breaking technologies from virtual reality simulators to next generation of cryptocurrencies. He is the originator of the widely accepted “Decentralized Autonomous Corporations” and “Proof of Stake” concepts.
  • Brock Pierce is a Partner. Brock is an entrepreneur venture and capitalist who initiated the digital currency in games. He has raised over $200 million for businesses he founded.
  • Ian Grigg is a Partner. Ian is a financial cryptographer and has been creating cryptographic ledger platforms for more than 20 years.