Stratis Price

Stratis is a BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-servicePlatform, created to deliver solutions for businesses in the financial industry that want to enjoy the advantages of Blockchain technology. Stratis permits companies to make their custom blockchain apps with the features they need, making the development course simpler and increasing the speed of the advancement lifecycle for blockchain projects.

Stratis Features

Stratis permits the formation of dissimilar, private blockchains, which can be customized according to the needs of the third party organization. These blockchains are protected on the main Stratis blockchain and can be accessed through lite clients and APIs. 

Companies can take benefit of the Stratis sidechains to takeoff their blockchain applications with no inherent charges and complications of constructing and preserving their own network infrastructure. Private chains are based on the code of the chief Stratis chains and transfer is straightforward.

Moreover, these businesses can take advantage and meld pre-existing features in other blockchains such as Waves or Ethereum. The Stratis team also offers consultancy services, advising businesses on which features to utilize and how to apply them.

Stratis Developer Academy

The Stratis Developer Academy program aims to provide educational as well as promotional services such as training, mentorships, webinars, certifications, events, and competitions.

The first main event of 2017 was the Stratis Blockchain Hackathon. The event was conducted online and C#/.net as well as blockchain developers had the chance to show off their technical expertise and the desire to build exciting use cases for the platform.

Development Framework

Stratis launched its nStratis Development Framework (SDF) in 2016. This is a much expected Blockchain development platform in C#.NET. The nStratis Development Framework opened the doors into a broader association of developers who can start writing Blockchain applications in C#.NET.

The first release offers a Blockchain development tool kit including a TransactionBuilder and an API that backs all the usual transactions, for example record maintaining on the Blockchain, time inscribing and proof of existence.

Market Cap of Stratis as of September 21, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 21, 2017


Circulating Supply of Stratis as of September 21, 2017

98,551,217 STRAT

Management Team of Stratis

  • Chris Trew – CEO, Founder
  • Policarpo Guerrero – Director of Operations
  • Krushang Patel – Head of Communications
  • Carlton Pringle – Project Lead Tumblebit & Breeze
  • Nicolas Dorier – Stratis Bitcoin Framework Developer
  • Dan Gershony – Stratis Blockchain Developer
  • Stéphane Gaudreault – Stratis Solutions Developer
  • Pieterjan Vanhoof – Stratis Blockchain Developer
  • Jeremy Bokobza – Stratis Blockchain Developer
  • Benoît Philibert – Ui & Ux Designer
  • Cesar Castro – Board Advisor on Exponential Growth