Ethereum Classic Price

Ethereum Classic is a split from a present cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Up until that block 1920000 both chains are similar, but instantly after the hard-fork, these two chains become entirely different entities. This means that all the wallets, balances, and transactions that occurred on Ethereum until the hard-fork are still binding on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. Afterward, the blockchains were divided in two and act independently.

Ethereum Classic Creation

The hard-fork has been a contentious subject that has divided literally the Ethereum communal in two. Both parties have made some legal points concerning their position on the hard-fork argument.

The Ethereum Classic was formed as a mean to permit smart contracts to run precisely as they are programmed to, minus the intervention of a third party. The community of ETC contends that the DAO smart contract just did what it was set to do and that no deed should be taken to repress the contract.

When the hard-fork was applied, users that didn’t agree with it and settled not to advance their software and to remain mining on the blockchain that didn’t have this application. Since the hard-fork generates a mismatch between the new and former versions, the users who decided to continue the original blockchain, have deviated into their own blockchain that is alike to Ethereum’s in every single way until block 1920000. 

Ethereum Classic Features

Ethereum Classic still delivers the same features as Ethereum like the formation and disposition of smart contract and Decentralized applications. It also has all the same conditions inlcuding average block time, reward and size.

Ethereum Classic Purchase

Acquiring Ethereum Classic tokens straight from authorized currency is a little challenging. However, you can swap your other coins, such as LTC, ETH, or BTC, in exchange for Ethereum Classic tokens. The process is very simple. You are required to have the following things to buy Ethereum Classic tokens:

  1. Your Ethereum Classic address where you would want to get your Ethereum Classic tokens.
  2. Some altcoins or bitcoins to exchange for Ethereum Classic tokens.

Market Cap of Ethereum Classic as of September 21, 2017


Volume (24h) as of September 21, 2017


Circulating Supply of Ethereum Classic as of September 21, 2017

95,702,386 ETC

Team Members of Ethereum Classic

  • WEI TANG – Rust Developer
  • YURY – Javascript Developer
  • ISAAC ARDIS – Go Developer
  • YATES RANDALL – Advisor
  • CODY BURNS – Advisor
  • ELAINE OU – Advisor
  • DR. AVTAR SEHRA – Advisor
  • MATTHEW MAZUR – Advisor